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How to Report a Claim


Report all accidents to Kemper Auto immediately or as soon as reasonably possible. You can reach us at 630-645-7755. You can also call your agent. Please obtain the following information so that we can begin to handle your claim and put your mind at ease:

  1. Name, address and telephone number of each driver, passenger and witness.
  2. Name of each insurance company and policy number for each vehicle involved in the accident.
  3. DO NOT ADMIT FAULT AT ANYTIME. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police officer, your agent, or a representative from Kemper Auto. 
  4. If you have the ability, please take photos of the damaged vehicles.
  5. If you have the ability, please take photos of the accident scene.
  6. If your vehicle needs to be towed from the accident scene, please remember that you will need to get an itemized tow receipt. Under the law in Illinois, your signature is now required on this itemized towing receipt. There are many towing companies that will tell you that your insurance company will pay your bill. This is not true in every case. The average cost to tow a vehicle is between $65.00 and $115.00 dollars. If the towing company wants to charge you more than that, there is a very good chance that you will not be reimbursed for the difference.
  7. If you have purchased Roadside Assistance with Kemper Auto and need to utilize this service, please call 1-866-219-2176.

If your car is being repaired by one of our preferred body shops, follow your auto repair process online through this link,