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Employee Testimonials

Professional Growth and Success
"When I started with Kemper Auto, I had no experience in the Insurance industry. Over the years, the management team at Kemper Auto has helped me grow both professionally and personally. They value and appreciate their employees. Today, I have become a part of the team of supervisors...[and] I hope to do for the staff, what the company has done for me."


Tremendous Opportunities
“As I continue to build relationships with our agents, we become more than an insurance company, but a family. With the flexibility offered by Kemper Auto to get the job done there are endless opportunities to take advantage of [and]...there's nowhere else to go, but up. I appreciate working for a company that does everything to motivate the growth of an individual."


5 years with Kemper Auto
"My role in the IT department is to manage IT projects and the test team. I am responsible for making sure test procedures are executed; projects are successfully completed and work with team members to make sure they have everything they need to get their projects done. The IT department is responsible for developing and supporting our insurance application. Kemper Auto has provided me the opportunity to grow in my role, work with a great team of people and have a flexible schedule. I enjoy working for a company that cares about its employees and policyholders."


Pride / Security
"I have worked in all areas of a claim handling...It is a privilege for me to service you throughout the process and the course of handling of your claim with our company...As an employee of this company, I am proud to represent them and keep their reputable name while servicing you. Kemper Auto has not only been there for our customers but also for me, they have allowed other family members to come and join this team."